Have you ever heard about an amazing success story and when the person is asked why he or she could do the impossible that no one ever did before they are just like:" Well nobody told me that this was impossible so i did it." Ignorance is a bliss especially to advice from mediocre people that live boring lifes. If you never heard of the concepts of success and failure or winning or loosing imagine how your life would be different. You would just do things and were carefree about the results because those concepts of winning and loosing are an illusion. And now let's say that nobody told you that you need money, sex, a family or something outside of yourself to be happy how would you be? Exactly you would just be happy and have money, sex or even a family BUT if you would not have it you still would be happy. So choose to forget everything you learned and start being happy right NOW. And you start living a carefree/indifferent life because you just do things and the outcome doesn't really matter. Because every label about the outcome is meaningless. You just do things and things happen. But you do things for the sake of doing

3/24/2012 11:50:25

Nice, I agree.

Gabriel Reis
5/22/2012 05:49:45

Loved his post!! Very simple and powerfull in the way the stated ideas can change the life of the one´s who are able to follow it! I´m struggling for it!!


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