Just finished reading Wayne Dyer's new book "Wishes Fullfilled" which is incredible. He talks about the power of I am. Many people use i am in a ways that doesn't serve them. For example I am a failure, I am unhealthy. If you use this in a more powerful way you start with for example I am sex with hot women. Because ultimately there is only being. And from that being actions flow outwardly. Another thing he talks about is to start from the end. Visualize having you goal already RELENTLESSLY and more important FEEL the feeling as if you already have it. Because the feeling impresses it into your subconscious mind which controls most of your actions. This is especially important before you go to sleep because it is the time when the subconscious is most open and it works 8 hours on what you feel like before you go to sleep. So use that wisely!

Hope that helps someone! And more stuff is coming!

Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone!

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