"Am I happy or am I suffering? If you're suffering, it's because you're telling yourself a story that isn't true, but you believe it."
Do you ever face doubt when you tell yourself affirmations or tell yourself a new story? Often there is this nagging voice in your head telling you: "This is not true!". Lots of people tell you to fight that and tell yourself this is my life but here is a new concept: Like in Aikido you use the power that your oppenent has and direct it in your favour. So instead of fighting it you use the doubt to your advantage! So whenever doubt comes up ask yourself is that what i am telling me right now true? Are those limiting beliefs that i already have true? Why shouldn't i be, have or do what i am telling me? Why shouldn't i have this great life?
And finally you realize you don't have an answer to those questions and if you have doubt them! Becau

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