After reading this article:
I remembered a experiment i did a while ago. First the counter-factial thinking described there is an awesome technique. Whenever something happens that you give the meaning "bad" think to yourself it could be worse and the result will be that the meaning changes from bad to well not so bad or good. And with that your focus changes on the positive.

Well another thing that is very powerful is something i heard a while ago. There is a story about a tribe in Africa that didn't steal from each other because they had no word for it. The concept of stealing just didn't exist because of the language. After some people from Europe explained them stealing and gave them a word for it suddenly their behaviour changed and they stole from each other.

So if this works in a bad way it could work in a good way. So i created the word luckyguy for myself (well in German the word doesn't really exist) and told other people that i am the luckyguy. Soon enough really strange things happened (Found money out of nowhere, got stuff for free and so on). After a while i stopped (I don't know why maybe because it worked :-) but after reading that article i will get right into it! So try it out and create an awesome label for yourself with a word that doesn't exist.


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