Hey guys,

first i want to introduce a guy called Cory Skyy who is teaches basically the same as Brent, Jake etc.


The thing that stops most guys in the area of socializing is desperation and neediness. Before you open your mouth women can feel the energy you give off. So if you desperatly seeking a women who you can sleep with guess what, That is not a good thing.
So what to do?
First figure out what you want: Let's say you want women to approach you in a bar. And then realize that you actually don't want the material thing itself but the emotion you get out of it. In this example you feel like the man, you get approval, feel like hey look at me i am hot, i get approached. You get what i mean.
So now live your life like you already are this kind of guy that gets approached all the time right now. Like visualize getting approached by hot women right now. The important thing is that you visualize having it right know And now you get the actual feeling you where looking for and don't need the material thing. And when you are at this point....Haha let me know what happens to you everywhere you go.


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