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So i had phone coaching with brent for the first time yesterday and man it was awesome! One thing that really struck home was that he explained that nothing means anything. Every meaning we give an event or a situations like for example being successful with women means that we are happy, better than other guys, a real man etc. is the meaning we give it. For example if an alien would come to the earth and knew nothing about being succesfull with women, well guess what he wouldn't even understand why so many people are making a big deal out of it because to him or her :-) it would mean nothing. It would ask: What exactly is the difference between being sucessfull with women and being unsuccessfull with women? And the answer is there is not really a difference. The only difference is in our head. And when you realize that being succesfull with women actually means nothing it means not more or less than being unsucessful with women you can really be free of your attachments. All the things you think are important in your life really are not big of a deal, all that it is that somebody told you that those things are important and you gave that meaning to them.

A little tricky to understand i know but when you really think about it, you wake up from the matrix and think to yourself why was i ever attached to anything?


PS: Maybe i put the phone coaching up as well i have to ask brent though
5/22/2010 09:51:56 am

hi, did you get the permission to put up the phone coaching with brent? it would be awesome to listen to it!
anyways great blog.


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