Hey guys,

i was struggling with this concept of manifesting and indifference a long time. My question was: Ok, when i am carefree for example about hooking up and women etc. why do i even go out and tell my story? And it is the fact that you are always telling yourself a story and living it. So why not tell a better one? The key here is you come from a place of having it but you realize having it is NOT A BIG DEAL.
So when you manifest something you do that: First you realize what you want, then you integrate it into your story, than you come from a place of having it. How to do that? Ask yourself how would i feel when i banged this girl or when i had such and such rather than i want this blabla. And then the final step is: Come from a place of having it but it is not a big deal to you. Because in the end it will be normal and not a big deal. But you get rid of all the attachments you have to that thing you want.
Hope that helps someone!


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