So i'm very excited because i got another gold nugget. Check out the interview with Hugo it's fucking awesome.

To introduce Hugo you want to read his post in the AHW Forum:

Hey guys, I am really grateful of giving you this post, so here it goes...

I started in this forum since it began, and at that time, it was almost a year ago, and I had the worst birthday of my entire life, 5 people came to my birthday party with me including ok, I was so ashamed, that I said I celebrated my birthday AT ALL.

Then, I began listening to the podcasts, reading books related to the law of attraction, you name it, I really began digging deep in this…

A year passed by, and I had such a bad impression of my last birthday that I first had my doubts in making a birthday party….

Of course, my entire life had changed by this time, I have plenty of friends, I am major everywhere I go, at least try to be, I am currently seeing 2 women that are pretty damn hot, and that are ok that I am with more women, lol…

So Anyways, I said fuck it, I’ll make the intention of making the best birthday party I could possibly make, and started visualizing how I wanted my birthday party to be, I visualized tons of people wanting to go in, that the place was fully crowded, that there were plenty of hot women in the place, etc, etc, etc… I did this a week previous to my birthday…

I met the owner of a very cool bar in my country, by being the mayor last time I went of course, and he said he was going to give me an awesome price and I would have an ALL U CAN DRINK including Rum, Vodka, Whisky, Beer and Tequila imagine that, the price was 10 bucks ok, imagine that… I got the best price I could ever imagine…

After that, he gave me 100 bracelets that were for pre sale. So because, now I have tons of friends, I gave to 6 different people bracelets so they could make the sale for me, network marketing, lol… Really, if I didn’t have the in my life this people that really care for me, my birthday party wouldn’t turned out the way it did….

So anyways, the bracelets weren’t selling as much as I thought they were going to sale, you know, people always leave things to last, but I kept visualizing it the way I wanted it and my intention was the same….

I arrived, at 7:30 p.m. to the place I think I maybe had, 35-40 bracelets sold at that time… And maybe 5 people were there at that time, my birthday started at 8:00 p.m. Since I have very little social anxiety left in me, I started stopping groups of people in the street asking them

Me: How’s everything?
Them: Good
Me: What r u doing tonight?
Them: We don’t know yet
Me: Well, you are welcome to join my party, this is are the bracelets, this is what includes etc, etc, etc…
Them: Sure, we want n quantity of bracelets....
Me: Sure

I began doing this at 7:45 p.m, ok, BUT, after that… LOL HOLLY SHIT, I said

Me: Hey what’s up, I am having my birthday party, ALL U CAN DRINK for 10 bucks, interested?
Them: Sure, give me n quantity

Guys, I shit you not, I could finally manage myself find my way upstairs, at 10 p.m. My phone was ringing so much I had to turn it off, cause a lot of people wanted to enter to my party….

I finally entered, and started being the mayor with everyone, guys…. ITS ALL ABOUT LIFESTYLE, girls were pursuing me like nuts, people were congratulating me, telling me they were having a blast, I met tons of people, people asking me if I could promote them a party too, listen, you have no idea what you are missing out by not taking small insignificant risks by talking to people… People thought I was the owner of the bar…

Ohhh, yes, how could I forget… I made out with prob 5-6 girls, cant give you an exact number for obvous reasons, lol… A wonderful and beautiful said, so what are we doing tonight… I went to the bathroom with her and had sex… Afterwards, I almost got kicked out of my OWN party, imagine that… lol… Somewhat somehow I managed to get away with it…

Listen guys, more than 300 hundred people attended that birthday party, and guess what, my birthday turned out to be the exact same way I visualized it, if not better… Listen, loads of women entered the room, the place was so crowded, some people had to leave because it was to much for them…

After that, how could I not do what Brent always says he does… OF COURSE, Champagne time!!!!! I grabbed the bottle and started pouring champagne to people, PANDEMONIOUM….

After that I started again being the mayor and started telling personally everyone that thank you very much for coming, I hope you had great time, peole started telling me, this was the best party they ever attended…

Afterwards, the owner said that he was very interested in working with me, that he had no clue I was so good at this, meanwhile I was pouring the bartenders and staff of the place….

Listen, I putted as much detail as I could… But no matter how many words I put into it, its still to hard to describe… Lets just say its PRICELESS…

One year, almost one year passed after my last birthday, and all I can say is my life has completely changed, and I am soooooooo soooooooo thankful for that, there just are no words to describe it….

I really want to tell you that, everything you want, you can have it, and you really are what you think about most…

If you want to see the pics of my birthday party… Go to and search the album Cumple Hugo… I am the one in the album cover….

I hope this inspires you to start believing in yourselves, and to be completely sure that you are on the right path, you just start to start to give yourself a chance of having what you want…. Have faith in yourselves, you won’t imagine how many great things awaits for you, You will experience things that you will never have the words to describe, I know I certainly did, this is just the beginning for me….

Have a great day guys, and start living the life you want

Take care

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Cool interview. Thx.

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Fine article dude

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Fine post dude


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