Yes inner game is very important. Maybe the most important thing to do. But when you go out everyone has a different style. Cory Skyy sent out a newsletter in which he explained the nonverbal communication very well. Just read this:

"Being able to attract the women you want to you naturally without saying a word is one thing but there comes a point where you must take action and open your mouth.

I had a workshop a few weeks ago and went out with a few of the guys on the second day.  By the way this is how natural attraction works in everyday life once you develop the correct mindset and put yourself into alignment with what it is you want.

It was a Sunday night, I finished getting ready to go out and made myself a drink before I left the house, I sat on my back patio and was scrolling through my phone looking for a buddy’s number. I came across a girl’s name that I met just over a year ago. I only met this girl once and nothing ever came out of it because right after that night I met another girl which is actually the girl I am with currently. I hadn't seen or even talked to this girl since the night we met.

Anyways, when I saw her name in my phone I just got this feeling like I was going to see her tonight, call it intuition, call it what you will; but it is a feeling you experience when you are clear and are free of personal self doubt. I didn't think twice about this, I just had the feeling and knew I would see her later that night.

It was about 10pm and I met up with some of my friends and the guys from the workshop. We got a drink and were hanging out talking. It was within about 40 minutes of being at this place I was gazing the bar as I always do and I saw the girl I had a feeling about before I left the house. I started talking to one of my guys about how I had the feeling before left the house and pointed her out to him and told him to watch what she does. I said she is going to position herself right near me to make it very clear that she is still interested and make it seem so natural as if it was just meant to be. My student didn't really know what to think and was wondering how it would happen being that this girl was with a big group of friends standing about 12 feet away from us. We continued to talk, simply enjoy our time out and within about 15 minutes she had taken about half of the group of friends she was with and just happen to position herself ‘with her group’ literally right behind me, so close that our backs were touching.
Now this was my queue to turn around and say hey and everything from that point would work itself out effortlessly as long as I remain present.  If I do not say hi than she is going to take it as if I am not interested, stay there for a few minutes and then leave. In this case I didn’t say anything as I am in an exclusive relationship with my girl and she does the picking when we want to be with another girl. ;)

But it doesn't stop there... that was only the beginning…

So as she was positioned right behind me, I kept doing my thing and continued to talk to everyone then another really cute brunette walked in. We immediately locked eyes, so I told one of the guys what happened and again told him to watch what happens.  After a couple minutes I decided to go out and smoke so one of the guys and I went outside. The door was glass so I could look back in the bar at where we were standing and sure enough that same cute brunette that I locked eyes with had positioned herself right where I was standing when I was inside with everyone. She knew that I would be coming back in and would be going back to the same place because a few of my friends were still there. So we walked back in and again this girl had re positioned herself so close that we were touching our backs together, she was just waiting for me to say hey.

Again I didn't say anything and she ended up walking away.

About an hour later I was walking back outside and locked eyes with another really cute girl. I was out back with one of my guys again looking in through the glass door. I just happen to lock eyes the same girl I noticed as I was walking out.  I just put a smile on my face and continued talking to my guy about how easy it really is. I went back in and this time was different, she did not re position herself near where I was. She was positioned about 10 feet away hanging out with her friends and I had my back to her and she had her back to me but we could both feel each other’s presence. After about 10 minutes of being back inside the girl actually came right up and asked my students which was standing right next to me if she could get a cigarette. She acted totally oblivious and didn't even look over at me; she just made it seem as if she was simply asking for a smoke, nothing more. Again, very subtle and your average person would just think that all she really wanted was a cigarette. But the truth is that if she only wanted a cigarette she could of went outside and got one from someone that was smoking. She wouldn't have walked in the opposite direction from where the door was to get one.
What happened here was she wanted to let me know she was interested and that she was going out for a smoke by herself and wanted me to come out so we could meet. This is communication on a non verbal level. ‘More than likely this girl didn’t even smoke; she was just using it as a way to meet me. Again, this is just a normal scenario of how meeting women is extremely easy and natural. Meeting women does not have to be complicated.

Now look at your past and think back, have you ever experienced this in your own life?  Maybe not exactly how it happened above but what about a time where you were out with some friends and saw a girl, felt a connection and a little while after you initially saw her she just happen to be right near you.  Maybe in a book store or a grocery store or a bar?

Honestly if you can’t think of a time that this has happened to you ever it is not because it hasn't happened, it is because you haven't been paying attention.
This is how the game works in real life, all women play it, and it is simply putting yourself out there and letting another individual know you’re interested without directly approaching and making yourself look like an idiot. Women do not like getting rejected either which is why they play this game.  This happens so much that if you just follow through with even half of these situations and stop doubting yourself honestly you don’t need to ever think about approaching another girl in your life because your life will be filled with more women than you can handle."

Fucking awesome!
After reading this article:
I remembered a experiment i did a while ago. First the counter-factial thinking described there is an awesome technique. Whenever something happens that you give the meaning "bad" think to yourself it could be worse and the result will be that the meaning changes from bad to well not so bad or good. And with that your focus changes on the positive.

Well another thing that is very powerful is something i heard a while ago. There is a story about a tribe in Africa that didn't steal from each other because they had no word for it. The concept of stealing just didn't exist because of the language. After some people from Europe explained them stealing and gave them a word for it suddenly their behaviour changed and they stole from each other.

So if this works in a bad way it could work in a good way. So i created the word luckyguy for myself (well in German the word doesn't really exist) and told other people that i am the luckyguy. Soon enough really strange things happened (Found money out of nowhere, got stuff for free and so on). After a while i stopped (I don't know why maybe because it worked :-) but after reading that article i will get right into it! So try it out and create an awesome label for yourself with a word that doesn't exist.