I found this quote from Jake aka "joecool" in his newsletter. It is basically the best i have heard to describe indifference and being vs becoming it:

I mean here's the thing, we all look at the outside world and think that we need this thing. Well if you look closer, you'll find, it's not the thing you want, but the emotion that you think you're going to have when you get the thing. So why not just skip the process and just feel the way you would feel if you already had it, then it really and truly doesn't matter. This is how you leave the realm of wanting, and step into having. In this place, you'll find that it doesn't matter whether you get it or not, that it's irrelevant. You'll also find, at least in my experience, that the thing you were wanting, now just seems to fall in your lap. But that's what's so tricky about it. It no longer matters and you really don't give a fuck if you get it or not, because you feel like you already have it anyways. Prove it to yourself.


You can hear an interview with Jake in the download section!


The guys who did the sydney group coaching made a podcast on which they talk about hanging out with Brent and what they learned. Great stuff!
You find it in the download section!
Gratitude is so important and so easy to miss! I often forget it just because it is so simple. When i remember the times i had the most success i was always in the state of gratitude! So time to change that:
I start today the complain gratitude transformation: Whenever i catch myself complaining about something i switch it immediatly into gratitude. I should buy a wristlet like tim ferris when he did the 30-days without complaining thing. You're welcome to join ;-)

So good things are coming! The guys from the sydney coaching did a podcast which is very good and the enigma interview is coming (he's a very busy man lol)
Well finally the site is launched! It was really a little bit more work than i expected but here we go.
So enjoy the Site! Thanks to rezachkata for the newsletters, thanks to the guys i interviewed and most important: Thank you Brent!

And more stuff is coming. I am in contact with enigma right now and he agreed to an interview, too. Awesome!